With The Vaccines in Birmingham
(Photos & Video)

Location: 02 Academy Birmingham, 16-18 Horse Fair, Birmingham B1 1DB, United Kingdom

Words: Dimitris Mavrokefalidis – Photos: amusicmap.com

Listening while writing:

When the supporting artists are an all-female punk band called “Dream Wife” you immediately realize that tonight’s gig is going to be grand. Justin Hayward – Young, with his arms raised in the air took the stage and following him, the overdressed (compared to their appearances in their music videos and their festival outfits) members of the Vaccines.

The “Nightclub” as the opener. This one made 02 Academy “light up”, it’s a
considering it’s from their new record- “Combat Sports” and might seem less well-known to their fans. It was, however, an ideal party starter . In the arena, the waves, the shower of beer and the members of the security team began to offer, in front of the stage, plastic glasses of water for anyone who wasn’t feeling well.

The selected tracks flowed very well while keeping a delicate balance between old classics like “Wreckin ‘Bar”, the “Teenage Icon” and “Noorgaard” and favourites from the last seven albums including “Dream Lover “,” 20/20 “and” I Always Knew “.


Sure it was a party with a lot of dancing, singing and head banging that ended with the soft and slow “All In White”.

 “Birmingham, on a Saturday night, we knew it’d be mental,” said Justin. And we all agreed.


  1. Nightclub

  2. Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)

  3. Teenage Icon

  4. Dream Lover

  5. Wetsuit

  6. Bad Mood

  7. 20/20

  8. Out On The Street

  9. Minimal Affection

  10. Your Love Is My Favourite Band

  11. Post Break-Up Sex

  12. Norgaard

  13. Surfing In The Sky

  14. A Lack Of Understanding

  15. Take It Easy

  16. Handsome

  17. I Always Knew

  18. If You Wanna

  19. I Can’t Quit


  1. No Hope

  2. Put It On A T-Shirt

  3. All In White


Watch our videos from the concert:

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