What would Ian Curtis be without Macclesfield? Would theSmiths be the same if Morrissey hadn’t met with Marr in Manchester? How important was the fact that David Bowie –as Ziggy Stardust – gave his first live performance at the Toby Jug pub in Kingston’s Tolworth? What would be the fortune of today’s bridge under the Wishkah in Aberdeen if Kurt Cobain hadn’t been inspired by it, during his time of homelessness, and written “Nevermind”’s song “Something In The Way”? And would the zebra crossing right outside Abbey Road Studios be so legendary if the Beatles hadn’t walked it? Can one place determine an entire course? Amusicmap.com has been summoned to connect the dots and create a different kind of map without the typical “blue for sea”, “green for forest”, and “grey-brown for mountains”. A map defined exclusively by music. Can this be done? Whether the answer is “yes”or “no” the only thing that really matters is to remember that while the world turns on its axis, the pivotal forces moving the ground beneath our feet are driven by the music you’ re listening to this very moment.

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