James Blake – Don’t Miss It (Video)

Location: Edfield, London

Words: Dimitris Mavrokefalidis

Listening while writing:

Don’t Miss It” is the title of James Blake’s second single released just a few days ago, following his newfound musical endeavor:“If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead”, released four months earlier.

Having overcome the “must-make-success stress” of his recent past as was the case with“Overgrown”,his second album that earned him the 2013 Mercury Award, he is now more in touch with who he is and doesn’t hesitate to answer back to anyone who judges his music superficially.

As he put it:

“I’ve always found the expression “sad boy” unhealthy and problematic when used to describe men who are just openly expressing their feelings. It’s labeling, when we consider it ok just for women to discuss the things they are struggling with. It contributes to the ever-disastrous stigmatisation of any men who express themselves emotionally. We are already experiencing an epidemic of male depression and suicide. There is no doubt that we hurt men when we question their need to be open about their vulnerability. Talking about what’s on your mind is definitely a good thing.”

Watch & listen to this new song:

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